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中一自行分配學位面試新安排 | New Arrangement of S1 DP Interview

因教育局宣布全港學校進一步延遲復課兩星期,即最早在3月16復課,中一自行分配學位面試將擬於3月28日(星期六) 舉行。申請者將於2月下旬收到本校以郵寄形式發出之通知。本校通知所有正取學生的家長日期將由原定3月31日(星期二)改為4月7日(星期二)。


如有查詢,請致電本校校務處2380 3788。

Since the Education Bureau (EDB) announced that all schools would further defer class resumption for two weeks, that is, schools would resume their classes on 16 March the earliest. The S1 Discretionary Place Interview will be further postponed to 28 March (Sat). Applicants will be informed by mail in late February. Please note that the date for our school to notify parents of successful applicants is extended from 31 March (Tuesday) to 7 April (Tuesday).

If the class cannot resume on 23 March, the S1 Discretionary Place Interview will be cancelled. The school will make further announcement on the school website. Please check the school website regularly.

For any enquiries, please call the School Office at 2380 3788.